Matlab R2018a (9.4)

Version: 9.4 R2018a
Developer: The MathWorks Inc
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.11 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Includes: K
Web Site:


Integrates mathematical computing, visualization and a language to provide a flexible environment for technical computing, visualization and programming
MATLAB is an advanced interactive environment specially designed to greatly boost your productivity while performing numerical computation, programming and visualization tasks on a Mac.
Multi-paradigm numerical computing environment
With the help of MATLAB, you can analyze data, create applications, models and develop algorithms and, furthermore, thanks to its large selection of inbuilt tools, as well as language and built-in mathematical algorithms you can scrutinize various approaches and find a solution much faster than with traditional programming languages and spreadsheets.
MATLAB can be used for a wide variety of applications that range from communications and signal processing to control systems, video processing, computational finance and biology, test and measurement.
Numeric computation
You can use MATLAB’s built-in mathematical tools to solve all sorts of engineering and science problems. The provided numerical computation methods can help you develop algorithms, analyze data or create models.
The MATLAB language cover numerous mathematical functions with support for popular science and engineering operations. Vector and matrix calculations are smoothly executed thanks to the processor-optimized libraries used by the core math functions.
Data analyzer and visualizer
Furthermore, MATLAB comes with the necessary tools to collect, analyze and visualize data in order to gain a better understanding of your data. You can also document and share the obtained results using complex plots and reports.
What is more, you can acquire data from files, databases, external devices or other applications. MATLAB features support for spreadsheet files, text and binary files, multimedia files, as well as netCDF and HDF files.
Once the data is collected, you can manage, filter and pre-process it, perform exploratory data analysis and reveal trends, test assumptions and construct descriptive models. On top of that, you can also use the built-in 2D and 3D plot functions along with the volume visualization functions to display your data.
Flexible MATLAB language
The MATLAB language offers native support for matrix and vector operations that you can use to solve a plethora of problems from different fields.
Moreover, you can write programs and create algorithms without performing low-level administrative tasks. In your development process you can take advantage of numerous development tools, deploy applications and even generate standalone C code.
What’s new in Matlab R2018a (9.4)
March 15th, 2018
Live Editor: Create live functions with richly formatted documentation, including equations and images
Live Editor: Debug live functions and scripts
Live Editor: Add sliders and drop-down lists to control variable values in a live script
Live Editor: Sort table data interactively
Live Editor: Create a table of contents and add formatted code examples​
Live Editor: Select and edit a rectangular area of code
Add-Ons Explorer: Browse by category to discover convenient, helpful add-ons
Comparison Tool: Find differences in live scripts and functions
Favorites: Rerun favorite commands
Toolbox Packaging: Specify portability information for custom toolboxes

Language and Programming:
Empty Arrays: Create complex empty arrays using functions such as zeros and ones
Code Compatibility Report: Generate compatibility report from Current Folder browser
timer Object: Access properties with multilevel indexing

graph and digraph Objects: Work with multigraphs that have multiple edges between two nodes
graph and digraph Objects: Calculate component sizes and weighted adjacency matrices
GraphPlot Object: Visualize graphs with additional options for 'force', 'force3', and 'circle' layouts
polyshape Objects: Analyze polygons with turningdist, nearestvertex, and overlaps functions
polyshape Objects: Return vertex map and accept arrays with compatible sizes for intersect, subtract, union, and xor functions
polybuffer Function: Create buffer around points or lines
triangulation Objects: Find neighboring vertices and locations of query points with improved performance
ode45 Function: Solve nonstiff differential equations faster

Axes Object: View axes at small size with improved layout, limit selection, and font scaling
Axes Object: Map data values to colormap using linear or logarithmic scale
Legend Object: Create legends with multiple columns
heatmap Function: Zoom and pan data, display data tips, and sort rows and columns interactively
geobubble Function: Explore with interactive data tips and a scale bar​ ​
Axes Toolbar: Add toolbars to your axes for quick access to pan, zoom, and other data exploration tools
Property Inspector: Modify graphics interactively with an improved property inspector
Polygon Object: Control color and transparency of hole edges

Data Import and Export:
readtable Function: Specify the number of rows to read from a text file using import options
readtable Function: Easily manage prefixes and suffixes from data using import options
preview Function: Preview first 8 rows of a table in a file without importing the full table
imageDatastore Function: Work with millions of images with improved memory usage and performance
Datastore Functions: Seamlessly work with datasets stored on cloud and local machines
Datastore Functions: Read HDFS data more easily when using Hortonworks or Cloudera
readtable, detectImportOptions, datastore, and tabularTextDatastore Functions: Automatically detect and return duration data in text files
detectImportOptions Function: Control import properties of duration data
VideoReader Function: Read video files faster on all platforms
VideoWriter Function: Write video files faster on all platforms
openDiskFile Function: Read data files in FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) data format
webwrite Function: Support for NTLM authentication

Data Analysis:
groupsummary Function: Group and discretize data for summary operations on table and timetable variables
Table and Timetable Variables: Add, delete, and rearrange column-oriented variables with the functions addvars, removevars, movevars, splitvars, mergevars, rows2vars, and inner2outer
Preallocated Tables and Timetables: Initialize table and timetable variables so that they have specified sizes and data types
Regular Timetables: Create regularly spaced timetables using a time step or sampling rate
retime and synchronize Functions: Synchronize timetables to a time step or sampling rate that you specify
duration Arrays: Create duration arrays from text that represents elapsed times
normalize Function: Normalize array, table, and timetable data
tall Arrays: Operate on tall arrays with more functions, including smoothdata, find, and isoutlier
tall Array Indexing: Use tall numeric arrays to index the first dimension
tall Arrays: Solve linear systems Ax = b
tall Arrays: Return group labels with findgroups
tall Arrays: Set date and time components of tall datetime and tall duration arrays
tall Arrays: Set properties of tall tables and tall timetables

App Building:
App Designer: Create deployed web apps using MATLAB Compiler
App Designer: Add and configure tree components on the App Designer canvas
App Designer: Select from recently used argument sets when running apps with input arguments
App Designer: Edit axes title and label directly in the canvas
GUIDE: Migrate GUIDE apps to App Designer
App Testing Framework: Author automated tests for App Designer apps
Figure Objects: Maximize and minimize figures programmatically
uitable Function: Specify data as table array
uidatepicker Function: Add date selection controls to apps
uiprogressdlg Function: Create modal in-app progress dialog boxes to apps
uitree Function: Create trees with editable node text in the running app
Component Text Alignment: Improved text alignment for labels, check boxes, and radio buttons

Startup: Increased speed of MATLAB startup time
Execution Engine: Execute tight loops with scalar math faster
Execution Engine: Improved performance for common programming patterns
App Designer: Starting, loading, and layout tasks are faster

Hardware Support:
Raspberry Pi: Support for Raspberry Pi Zero W board
MATLAB Online: Acquire live images from USB webcams in MATLAB Online

Advanced Software Development:
Tab Completion: Describe your function syntaxes for custom tab completion and other contextual suggestions
Unit Testing Framework: Run tests from the MATLAB Editor toolstrip
App Testing Framework: Author automated tests for App Designer apps
Unit Testing Framework: Rerun failed tests with one click
Unit Testing Framework: Test if values point to existing files or folders with IsFile and IsFolder constraints
Unit Testing Framework: Test if two sets are the same with IsSameSetAs constraint
Unit Testing Framework: Select tests by test class hierarchy
Unit Testing Framework: Direct output stream to unique files for plugins
Unit Testing Framework: Increased access to parameterized testing properties
Unit Testing Framework: Compare cell arrays of character arrays using StringComparator
Unit Testing Framework: Comparison method for objects changed
Performance Testing Framework: Define multiple, labeled measurement boundaries in test methods
Mocking Framework: Specify default property values on mock object
Mocking Framework: Obtain interaction history for mock object
Mocking Framework: Construct mocks for classes that have Abstract properties with other attributes Package: Stream data to and from a web service and handle forms and multipart messages
C++ MEX Interface: Access MATLAB data and objects easier from C++
Class Constructors: Author subclass without implementing a constructor solely to pass arguments through to a superclass constructor
Property Validation: Get information about property validation
Property Validation: Define validation for abstract properties
Functions: Call numArgumentsFromSubscript for object dot method from overloaded subsref
Classes: Concatenate matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchState enumeration members with nonmember char and string
Python Version 3.4: Support discontinued
Source Control Integration: View changes, save revisions, and manage repository locks
MATLAB Engine API for C++: Set and get a property value on an object in an object array
MATLAB Data API: Applications built with R2018a API do not run in MATLAB R2017b
MEX Functions: Build C MEX Files with Interleaved Complex API
MEX Functions: Release-specific build options
Version Embedded in MEX Files
Perl 5.26.1: MATLAB support
System objects: Create System Objects in MATLAB
System object support for strings
.NET: Supports string data type
Compiler support changed for building MEX files and standalone MATLAB engine and MAT-file applications

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