PhotoLine 20.54

Name: PhotoLine
Version: 20.54
Developer: Gerhard Huber
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.6 or later
Includes: Serial
Web Site:


A sophisticated yet affordable image editing software solution which comes with an arsenal of tools and filters for flexible graphic modification
PhotoLine is a powerful and cross-platform image processing application that provides a wide array of tools to modify your pictures.
Streamlined and full-featured image editing utility that helps you process photos using a wide array of  photo correction tools
Moreover, the PhotoLine utility includes various features such as filtering, painting, copying, filling as well as color ingredients.
PhotoLine also comes with a magic wand function, lasso and mask handling in order to eliminate interfering with the background in pictures.
Another important function of PhotoLine is the layer support. You can create as many layers as you wish in order to add extra content to your digitally processed image.
Built-in support for importing and working with a large selection of image formats
Furthermore, using PhotoLine you can open, create, edit and save CMYK pictures as well. To further process an image, users can also use numerous filters: mask, soften, sharpen, outline, glow, shadow and much more.
PhotoLine can import a large number of image formats: ICO, ANI, XBM, IFF, EPS, PICT, TGA, ESM, CGM, PIC, PLD, PDF, TIF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, CMX, etc. You can also export your creations to many types of files as well, including most of the file types that were just enumerated.
Includes an animated GIF creation and editing toolset
Also included in PhotoLine's bundled features is saving web graphics - GIFs. You can import, create and edit animated or transparent GIF animations.
As an added bonus, you can also export them using PhotoLine as interlaced and save progressive JPEGs as well, in order to save disk space.
What's more, PhotoLine may also be used as a versatile image converting app. For instance, you can load a whole folder with image of different types and reduce all of them to 256 colors and to a single format at once.
What’s new in PhotoLine 20.54
April 11th, 2018
Controls, Windows: Possible leftovers with scalable dialogs fixed
Toolbar: When scaling then toolbar, paint and brushes could disappear
Document Attributes, size: When changing to/from pixels, the text fields are enabled/disabled so that it is immediately clear that they are (not) editable.
Text input: If a character was entered that was not present in the current font, it was permanently switched to another font.
Browse/Show Image: When exiting, the last displayed image is selected in the browser
Free Lasso tool: Backspace/Delete to delete the last input did not work
Free Lasso tool: Temporary lasso dashed again
Virtual copies, copy/paste: Virtual copies were replaced by their original data
RTF import: Problem solved
Color filter, adjustment layer, Fix Layer: Color filter was not converted to layer mask
Color fields, layers with different color profiles: Adjustment to new color profile was often only done after clicking on it
Browse/Show Image, macOS 10.13: Switching to the next/previous file with the mouse wheel of the Magic Mouse or the trackpad did not work correctly
Non-modal color editor: Clicking on the palette field below the editor did not respect the selected color
Non-modal color editor, pop-up dialog: In the pop-up version of the non-modal color editor, both colors were visible instead of just the popped-up color.
PDF-Export: Rare crash on image export fixed
Action with pause, accessed via shortcuts: If the Actions dialog was not visible and an action with pause was called, the pause message was not visible
Image Undo: Image Undos were sometimes incorrectly combined
Distort With Arrow, macOS: Reset button did not work
Text layers, paragraph settings: Had two double arrows
White Point, adjustment layers, dialog: Gamma slider did not work
Screen output, macOS: Documents with the screen profile were not output correctly in pixel mode with a zoom above 100%.
Text formatting: Distance before and after paragraph can be negative
Text layers, flow around shape: In groups, moving child layers did not recalculate the flow
Projects plug-ins: Solved problem on Windows
PCX import: Possible crash with corrupt files fixed
TIFF import: Possible crash with corrupt files fixed
PSD import: Possible crash with corrupt files fixed
Copy/paste groups of virtual copies: Sometimes didn't work properly
Save As, Windows: No save dialog appeared for files whose name contained only a file extension
Strings, English: Missing error messages added
new Expat-Lib
JPEG-Lib 9c
Raw-Lib updated because of Sony 14 Bit

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